PRI 2021 in Indianapolis was smaller, but still successful for Women’s Motorsports Network/International Women’s Motorsports Association/Racing Girls Rock Podcast! It was amazing how many more people I knew this year than in 2019. I wasn’t able to connect with everyone on my list, but I walked nearly 10,000 steps on Thursday, 8950 on Friday, and another 6430 on Saturday! Just wanted to share a few photos of the weekend!

Cindy Cole Deering with Melinda Russell
Drew Jach with Midwest Compact Touring Series and Melinda Russell. Exciting races coming up for Drew and his group. Check it out!
Race car driver Alicia Schneider and Melinda Russell
NASCAR Camping World Truck Series winner Ben Rhoades with Melinda Russell. #NASCAR #benrhoades #NCWTS
NHRA Successful driver and friend Julie Naatas with Melinda Russell
It was so great to see my friend Amanda Busick!
IWMA Ambassador and friend Maddie Malone with Dukes of Hazard’s John Schneider and Cindy Cole Deering
Alaska Raceway Park owner Michelle Lackey Maynor with Melinda Russell.
Keep your eyes and ears out for an upcoming interview with this amazing young girl!
It was GREAT to catch up with my friend Sarah Edwards!
IWMA Member and Ambassador Angel Hardaway from Tennessee!
John and Alicia Schneider with Melinda Russell.
Racing Junk is a partner with Women’s Motorsports Network and gave t-shirts away at PRI.
Dinner with friends after a long day of walking the aisles at PRI! Maddie and Clint Malone; George, Drew Jach, and Patrick and Minerva McNamara.
MC Jeanette des Jardins owner of Car Chix, was the MC for the Women in Motorsports forum.
Driver Collette Davis, Lead Engineer and Program Manager at Hendrick Motorsports Alba Colon and Assistant Engineer at Chip Ganassi Racing.
Drag Racer Haley James, Vice President of Business Development at Chip Ganassi Racing Team and Collette Davis.
My family joined me on Saturday; driver Makena Snyder, driver Jesse VanAvery, Car owner Bob Snyder, driver Brock Ganus and driver Madison Snyder.
Farm Truck from Street Outlaws with Melinda Russell.

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